June 18, 2024

Another name for this unique gemstone is “star stone,” or Blue Goldstone. You might be astonished to hear that this fake glass substitute is a real stone. As a result, you may be asking if the Blue Sand stone has any therapeutic qualities or if it qualifies as a healing crystal at all. (Yes, is the response.)

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This useful guide is for you if you have a blue sand stone or are considering purchasing one but are unsure about how to utilize it.

Learn the origins of Blue Sandstone and three methods to benefit from this wonderful stone for mind, body, and soul support.

The Blue Sandstone’s History

Even now, scientists are unsure of how Blue Sandstone and Sandstone were formed. According to certain crystal specialists, the Miottis of Venice are responsible for its origins in the 17th century. It is said that a family of glassmakers from Venice devised the specific method used to create what is now known as sandstone.

This method was kept a secret until the 19th century, when another glassmaker named Pietro Bigaglia made it available to the general public. On the other hand, some people think that sandstone first appeared in the Middle Ages, when monastic organizations shaped and created it, referring to it as “monk’s gold.”

In a technical sense, quartz sand is used to create glass, which is how both sandstone and blue sandstone are produced. To give them their vibrant and enticing hues, various particles like as copper, feldspar, manganese, cobalt, or chromium are melted and heated quartz sand.

This crystal’s constituents are all naturally occurring minerals with therapeutic qualities that can benefit your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, despite the fact that the crystal itself is not found in nature.

Three Uses for Blue Sandstone

Strong protection against bad energy and undesirable vibrations to your auric field is provided by blue goldstone.

Here’s how to use this destiny stone to improve your physical, mental, and spiritual health:

To bolster your confidence and willpower

Blue Sandstone, sometimes referred to as the stone of ambition, is the ideal ally for people who lack the motivation or self-assurance to ask for what they desire. Being a genuine gemstone for the throat chakra, its vibration raises your spirits, improves your mood, and gives you confidence to speak and live your truth.

Blue Sandstone, like Tiger’s Eye and Aventurine, may offer you the strength, discernment, and bravery to embrace who you really are. The synthetic glass is a perfect traveling companion for self-discovery because of its therapeutic qualities.

Having more confidence in your decision-making may be achieved by wearing a beaded bracelet set with this gemstone. You may combine Blue Goldstone with Green Aventurine to draw prosperity, good fortune, and success in all of your endeavors because of the high-frequency vibrations of both stones.

The vivid Blue Sandstone, combined with Opal and Moonstone, is a lovely amulet for fresh starts if you’re in desperate need of change. It aids in mental clarity, making it easier for you to distinguish between items you want to keep and those you want to part with.

This lovely glass bead is sometimes referred to as the “wishing stone” since it is said to have the power to draw in new possibilities and the things you most want in life.

During full moon ceremonies, mix the manifestation stone with either clear quartz or selenite to intensify its potency. Take a piece of paper, write whatever you wish to leave behind, then burn it. Then, list everything you wish to attract on a separate piece of paper. After folding it, top the page with your Blue Sandstone and any other crystal you like, and let it sit overnight.

To increase your energy and overall health

Blue sandstone, like hematite and bronzite, is a softly grounding gemstone that encourages vitality and offers you an energy boost to achieve your objectives. Holistic healers suggest wearing a Blue Sandstone crystal bracelet if you experience stomach problems since it may help lessen pain, suppress inflammation, and ease discomfort. They think those with arthritic disorders, discomfort in the bones and joints, and circulatory issues might benefit from its vibration.

This special gemstone is said to provide you vitality and improve your leadership abilities and focus, enabling you to better guide your team toward productive and peaceful collaboration. These factors make it an excellent auxiliary tool for students and anyone who invest a lot of time in studying new material or conducting research.

Like amethyst, blue sandstone is a real third eye stone that may help you connect with your spiritual side and perceive the people and situations in your life for what they truly are.

It’s a great gemstone for anybody who has just experienced heartbreak since it helps you move past the pain and accept reality, regardless of what caused it. Blue sandstone helps you recognize life-altering realizations that must be comprehended and gives you faith that the cosmos has something greater in store.

To reduce nervousness and promote emotional equilibrium

One of the greatest stones for empath protection is blue sandstone because it stimulates empathy in those who don’t normally exhibit it and helps insulate empaths’ sensitive energy. Because of its regularity, you are encouraged to be kind and patient with others around you.

This stone is a fantastic tool for those who experience stress or anxiety, as well as kids who are terrified of the dark. To console them, just place a piece of this glass on their bedside table.

Place an amethyst stone and your blue sandstone beneath your pillow to promote peaceful, undisturbed sleep if your racing thoughts keep you up at night. The gemstones help to calm your emotions and help you unwind after a long day. Concurrently, you may induce lucid dreams by setting up a Blue Goldstone crystal grid in your bedroom.

When someone is grieving the death of a loved one, blue goldstone soothes their heart and gently helps them go on to accept the change in their life. It serves as a reminder that no matter how difficult life gets, there is always light to be discovered in the shadows with its star-like sparkles on a deep blue background.