July 21, 2024

With the introduction of modern drone technologies, the surveying industry is expanding quickly, and these tools are becoming indispensable for topographical surveys. With a bird’s-eye perspective, they provide access to GIS planning, aerial photogrammetry, aerial films, infrastructure inspections, property surveys, and 3D site modeling. Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) equipped with GPS, payloads, and high-resolution cameras provide a completely new and more accurate method for a range of operational support tasks in the fields of land surveying, civil engineering design, and construction. Drone surveys provide several benefits, but in order to fully utilize them for your company’s benefit, you must possess in-depth knowledge of the relevant field.

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What advantages can drone surveys offer, then?

1. Shorter field durations

Drones can assist you in carrying out comprehensive inspections for bigger commercial buildings by providing efficient airborne inspection options. By doing this, the redundancy associated with manual surveying—which may take weeks at a time—might be reduced. In addition to being an operational burden that might impede your workflow, this could be quite costly in terms of personnel, time, and resources. Thus, using drone surveying might help your company take advantage of several chances and provide results more quickly. Additionally, it completes surveys almost five times faster than any land-based technique.

2. Full and precise data rendering

It may just take one drone flight to track a large number of metrics and data points. Numerous measurements can also be repeated into other forms, such as point clouds, contour lines, 3D models, digital terrain models (DTM) and surface (DTS), etc.

You will also develop an acute attention to detail through aerial surveying. This will work well, particularly for any development or building projects. They provide a wider path as well.

3. Label regions that are unreachable otherwise

When drones are used for a task, obstacles like steep slopes, challenging terrain, and inaccessible or hard-to-reach regions become irrelevant. Because of this, it’s the ideal instrument for sweat-free aerial mapping, terrain evaluations, surveillance, traffic monitoring, and property appraisals.

4. Does not impede operations or process

Consider highways or railroad tracks. How can you keep an eye on them without interfering with their ongoing operations? You can have drones take care of it. Drones’ effectiveness in aerial capture facilitates interference-free continuous monitoring and surveying activities.

5. A decrease in personnel

Conventional survey procedures need an excessive number of specialists to be present on site, each with a unique set of experiences and subject-matter expertise. By using drone survey services, this issue may be avoided and surveys can be completed with far less resource use.

6. Measurements of volume

Drone technologies aid in the creation of 3D models and mapping, which enable us to use topographic data to calculate volumetric measures, improving the accuracy of these digital surveys. Comparing this to the other volumetric calculation methods, it is both faster and far more economical. Drone activities also result in far more accurate stockpile calculations. Additionally, drones won’t interfere with daily operations because they may be used to deploy aerially and collect data from above.

7. Meticulously designed urban planning

Urban regions should be prepared to handle the flood of resources that the cityscape of the future will require. Urban planners will be able to gather a lot more data faster and with less resources because to drone technology. It is possible to carefully assess and develop everything for future planning, including environmental conditions, landscape analysis, structure planning, etc.

8. Safety and health

Drones ensure absolute safety while also making even the most inaccessible regions easy to visit. One of the main benefits of drone surveys is their ability to operate interference-free and smoothly even in the most delicate conditions. This also eliminates the chance of any accidents occurring at work and the requirement for thorough safety preparation. Hence, compared to more conventional monitoring techniques, drones aid in faster response times.

9. Examine any topic

We use drones to help with different surveillance and monitoring tasks during sky scan surveys. When used with the proper payload combinations, they are also widely used for border security and defense activities. Additionally, the payloads are quite effective, having a zoom capacity of around 30x, allowing for accurate examination of any topic.

For companies in the public and private sectors, sky scan surveys offers an extensive array of drone surveying services. We use the most advanced surveying techniques to provide you access to real-time data solutions. Our professionals are skilled at providing 360-degree solutions that will give you the boost you need to accelerate your company activities in all directions. We overcome the long-standing issues with surveying by using unconventional approaches.

Our cutting-edge technology have enabled us to work on projects in a variety of fields, including land surveying, construction development, property management and monitoring, urban planning, and archaeological surveys.