May 19, 2024

There is a photo of San Mateo.

A man was arrested for forcing his way into a woman’s apartment.

There is a photo of San Mateo.

A suspect who forced his way into a woman’s apartment Friday morning is in custody and charged with felony vandalising. San Mateo police were dispatched to an apartment on the 200 block of East 3rd Avenue at 2:30 a.m. An apartment was broken into by an unknown subject.

The woman told officers that the suspect pushed her locked door with enough force to break the door frame and damage the lock. The subject told the resident that someone was chasing him and asked if he could stay.

The victim told him to leave, but he didn’t. When the victim called the police, the suspect left. He fled the scene before the officers arrived.

The officers canvassed the area for the person who matched the victim’s description. The suspect was found at the intersection of 5th Avenue and South B Street. After being positively identified, Najera was taken to the San Mateo County Jail.

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