July 20, 2024

Sicily’s Palermo is a very wonderful city to see. It’s one of those cities that’s definitely worth seeing on its own, or as part of a longer trip to take in all of Sicily’s breathtaking scenery. Nevertheless, Palermo offers a plethora of excellent activities on its own.

Palermo, located in northern Sicily, is a city we thoroughly enjoyed visiting and seems very different from other Sicilian cities, such as Catania. On our most recent trip to Palermo, we spent three nights there, and it was incredible.

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I’ve thus uncovered some absolute treasures that you won’t want to miss when you visit Palermo in order to help you make the most of your stay there. Have a fantastic trip to Italy.

1.) Palatine Chapel

The fact that the Palatine Chapel is nearly a millennium old and a component of the royal palace is only one of its many unique qualities. The ceilings of Muqarnas are extraordinary, and the place is breathtaking. It is sometimes found in Islamic architecture and chambers since it is so striking and inspired by Fatimid art.

However, bear in mind that the entry fee is slightly more than that of other comparable attractions in Palermo. However, I would always advise going since it’s quite beautiful.

Then get a spot on this delectable early-evening street food tour in Palermo. It’s a fantastic way to locate neighborhood restaurants and sample sometimes-overlooked local produce. The tour was fantastic, and the native guide was really kind.

2.) Quattro Canti (Piazza Vigliena)

Alright, so a classic Palermo plaza place to visit is Quattro Canti. As you meander through the busy streets of the city, it’s definitely worth stopping by, situated right in the center of the historic district.

Quattro Canti has a long history that begins in 1608. There are figure sculptures arranged all across the courtyard. And take in the beauty of Pietro Novello’s paintings.

Make sure to check out the interior of the Church of San Giuseppe dei Padri Teatini while you’re here. It’s a fantastic chance to view some of Sicily’s renowned Baroque architecture and it’s just stunning.

Oh, and don’t forget that the stunning Fontana Pretoria is only a short distance away. This implies that visiting both at the same time is rather simple. You’ll adore it.

Feeling hungry? For supper, head over to Osteria BallarĂ², which is located outside the market area. The pasta is among of the best in the city, and it’s really charming. It’s best to reserve a table in advance, particularly on weekends when this venue tends to get very busy.

3.) Teatro Massimo

Easily one of the greatest things to do in Palermo if you want to attend a top-notch opera performance is to visit the Massimo Theatre. Even if there isn’t a performance, the theater is stunning and well worth scheduling this grand trip to see.

If you enjoy old structures, the tour itself is definitely worth taking; it lasts for around thirty minutes.

Get a table at Trattoria Del Massimo before you go to the show. It’s a laid-back yet genuine Sicilian treasure that serves excellent pasta dishes. Their pizza was also really fresh and excellent.

4.) Chruch of San Giovanni degli Eremiti

Located in the Albergaria ancient district, San Giovanni degli Eremiti is a must-see when visiting Palermo.

Standing from the twelfth century, it’s a very convenient site to stop by if you’re already on your way to the nearby Norman Palace.

Once you’re inside, keep an eye out for the church’s many Arabesque elements as well as its crimson domes.

Lastly, be sure to visit the church of St. Mary of the Admiral (Martorana) if you’d want to view more of Palermo’s exquisite chapels and cathedrals.

Though it doesn’t appear noteworthy from the outside, this shop has excellent gelato. We returned here again and again. Enjoy the delicious hazelnut flavor.

5.) Palazzo Abatellis

If you’re interested in art history, one of the greatest things to do in Palermo is to visit. Antonello da Messina’s creation, the Virgin Annunciate, is on display within. It is one of Sicily’s most well-known paintings and is well-known around the world. Additionally, Moses by Pietro Novelli will be on display.

Now, a visit will probably take an hour or so, and it’s a great place to stop if you’re going to the Palermo Botanic Gardens (which are also really beautiful to view).